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Over the years the air conditioning and refrigeration market has become highly oversaturated. You wait until the system breaks, and then scramble to find a company to do the repair. Someone comes out and looks at the equipment for 20 minutes, does a “repair”, and you are out 800$ with a system that breaks down a week later. Sound familiar?

Here are some things to keep that from happening.

  1. Ask questions. This is by far the most important, from beginning to end. A/C and refrigeration companies tend to profit on unsuspecting businesses and individuals who they can fool. Ask the technician to explain exactly how the system is failing, at which point the issue is, what part needs to be changed, how long it is going to take, how much the part costs, and what the hourly rate is. This will keep the local A/C company from being able to tack on extra charges, and extra parts.
  2. Use common sense. Service technicians try to make the repairs more complex than they really are. They will try to use lingo that you are not familiar with, and make the unit sound more complex than it really is. Request that the company explains the repair in a simpler explanation; this is one of the best ways to judge whether a company is knowledgeable about a system. Their response should be clear cut, and precise. Be weary of someone who spits out a bunch of lingo, and cannot give a clear cut answer.
  3. Research. This is of course the quickest way, look at how long the company has been in business, the type of equipment they work on, their reviews, etc.



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