Unit Coverage

We offer this to exclusively residential units. This plan is here to protect you from having expensive repair bills (most A/C components cost between 300-400$). We see it everyday, and are excited to announce we will be offering a new type of service.

Air conditioning troubles are stressful, and we feel that by simplifying the process will have a tremendous outcome with our customers.  Its like having roadside assistance for your home.


 So how does it work?

*Its a flat monthly rate of 20.00$

 Thats it, just call us when you have an issue.

We see 90% of the same issues when we run service calls, hence we have gotten together and put it all in one package.

  • Capacitors and circuit boards
  • Internal fuses or breakers
  • Condensate pumps
  • Condenser motor and fan
  • Contactor switches and delay timer
  • Fan controls, relays and filter dryer
  • High and low pressure switches
  • Limit controls
  • Refrigerant (excluding maintenance recharges)
  • Relays, transformers and valves

Eligible customers can receive up to 1,200$ in accumulated service calls.

Call 470-312-5028 for eligibility